Truly Clear hydrocolloid acne patch

Struggling with a huge zit on date night?

Struggling with a huge zit on date night? We've all been there. Pimples have a way of popping up at the worst moments. That's why on-the-spot acne treatments like hydrocolloid patches are lifesavers. These thick, gel-like stickers use an innovative material called hydrocolloid to literally suck the gunk out of pimples.
Hydrocolloid patches are made from a natural glue-like substance that draws out impurities from skin. The hydrocolloid forms a protective seal over a blemish, absorbing oil, puss and bacteria up into the patch overnight. In the morning, simply peel it off to reveal a flattened, soothed pimple.
Dermatologists recommend hydrocolloid technology as a best practice for healing popped pimples and cystic breakouts by protecting bacteria from air exposure. The seal facilitates ideal healing conditions so scabs and scars don't form according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Hydrocolloid bandages prevent picker-caused infections.
Truly Clear offers hydrocolloid acne dots for targeted spot treatment. Our "mighty" patches have a strong absorption level for extra large pimples while the "ninja" patches discretely treat smaller breakouts. For full facial coverage, sheet masks provide an overnight reset. Simply cleanse, apply your patches, and wake up pimple-free!