Truly Clear heals cystic acne

Clearing Body Acne With Truly Clear’s Plant-Based Treatments

Got bacne? Say no more. Dealing with breakouts on hard-to-reach places like your back and chest can be extremely frustrating. The skin covering these areas has overactive oil glands and hair follicles ripe for clogging according to dermatologists. Luckily, Truly Clear makes specially-formulated body acne treatments to target pimples from head to toe - literally.

Our hero product for banishing back and body acne is the Truly Clear Acne Bar. Containing beta hydroxy acid, the medicated bar penetrates deeply into pores lining the shoulders/back to exfoliate away dead skin cell buildup. Oil-regulators like sunflower and passionfruit extracts also help normalize excess sebum production by back pores to prevent new pimples from cropping up.

For fast spot treatment, reach for Truly Clear's body acne patches. These large hydrocolloid dots act like mini liquid bandages, sealing blemishes with protective cover. The moist healing environment not only shields bacteria but also absorbs body acne impurities without picking or popping for optimal healing.

So lather up with the acne bar in the shower morning and night, then spot treat irritated breakouts with patches between washes. Consistency is key for clearing stubborn body acne according to skincare specialists. With Truly Clear’s plant-powered treatments, you'll have clear, smooth skin all over in no time.

  1. Ask a Dermatologist: A Q&A on Plant-Based Acne Remedies

Board certified dermatologist Dr. Rachel Cruz receives countless questions about using plant-based ingredients to care for acne-prone skin. We sat down with her to get professional advice on natural acne remedies like Truly Clear. Here are some highlights:

Q: Do botanical oils and extracts actually help treat acne?

A: Yes, when formulated properly, plant-based ingredients like salicylic acid from willow bark have proven anti-acne benefits rivaling synthetic formulas for mild to moderate breakouts. Tea tree, calendula and chamomile extracts in particular have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties ideal for acne-fighting.

Q: What makes a good plant-based acne treatment?

A: Opt for a gentle, low-concentration cleanser with salicylic acid like Truly Clear's acne bar which has a balanced 1% BHA level. Ensure soothing ingredients like aloe vera or sunflower oil are also included to condition skin and counter dryness.

Q: Who should use plant-based vs clinical acne treatments?

A: Patients with stubborn hormonal or cystic acne may still need prescription remedies like oral spironolactone or topical retinoids. But for teenage or adult acne sufferers with intermittent breakouts, botanical treatments often suffice with fewer side effects than harsh drugs.

Q: How do hydrocolloid patches help acne?

A: Hydrocolloid patches healing process keeps bacteria out while absorbing fluid in. The moist environment specifically prevents scab formation by protecting popped blemishes. Reducing trauma/picking also lowers the risk of acne scars.

For more guidance tailoring an acne regimen with plant power, visit Truly Clear, their natural formulas help restore skin gently.