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Stop Acne From Head To Toe… Truly.

Truly Clear is ONE STEP to calm your skin, stop your acne & heal your blemishes quickly. 98.42% natural means you're nourishing your skin with every use. Truly Clear is unisex and perfect for face, body, hormonal acne and rosacea.

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Truly Clear is 98.42%

Natural - Plant Based


Yes! Truly Clear stops acne, clears blackheads & whiteheads quickly. Use it everywhere you have acne. Just 1 or 2 times daily for less than 5 minutes for long-lasting results.
It's rich healing lather is enhanced by a natural peppermint fresh scent.

Approved For Sensitive Skin

Truly Clear is the only FDA registered, 98.42% natural, plant-based one step acne treatment bar that's effective on all acne and made with ingredients you can pronounce. Easily transitions from face to body. The nutritious properties of coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E prevent redness and soothe irritation while nourishing even the most sensitive skin.

No Dyes No Perfumes

Truly Clear is pant-based 98.42% natural. No Animal Testing, No Gluten, No Parabens, No Benzoyl Peroxide, No Titanium Dioxide, No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (SLS), No Petrochemicals, No Alcohol, No Perfume, No Diethanolamine or DEA, No Dioxanes, No Propylene Glycol, No Triclosan, No Soy, No BS, NO MORE ACNE

Customers Reviews

Sylvia O. 09/05/2022

The best “changed my life”

The best This cleanser has changed my life. Such an easy 1. Step process has made my complexion clear. I’ve struggled with acne for well over 15 years, (31 now) and I can truest say this is the only product that has made and kept my skin clear. I bout the 12 month bundle as...Read more

Lucinda C. 08/04/2022

Great One Step Cleanser

My daughter has been using the bar for a few weeks now. She has been so impressed with the process, just one step, yet she is seeing a huge improvement in her complexion.

Sarissa S. 06/04/2022


Previously received this thru fabfitfun and the results were unbelievable! I love the mint scent… its refreshing plus It didn’t just clear my black and white heads it also cleared my eczema as well! I have been recommending this soap since! On Truly Clear 3 Month Subscription

Kevin L. 06/01/2022

Best bundle

Soap leaves your face feeling so fresh. Definitely has helped my acne. And you must have the case for soap. On Truly Clear Healing Bundle

Kimberly N 05/02/2022

Works well but requires consistency

My daughter uses this, and from what I can tell…if she’s consistent, the results are good! Teenage acne is a really hard thing to deal with, but the patches for sure help with larger bumps. On Truly Clear Healing Bundle

Christina C. 05/02/2022

A must have for any age

I am 52 years old and have been using Truly Clear for almost two years. My skin is soft and even in color. I have received many compliments since I began using the cleansing bar. I highly recommend it to gals & guys of all ages (teen & older) On Truly Clear Welcome Kit

Chelsea W 03/26/2022

Favorite Bar Ever!

I’ve never found something that actually works for my type of sensitive skin and I could not be more happy with this product! Absolutely obsessed!

Wendy N.

Love this soap

Love this soap This soap changed my life. Keeps my skin clear. And it smells good too.

Iyanna W. 01/26/2022

Undeniable difference

I’ve been using truly clear facial soap for 5 months. It’s cleared my acne and has had the same benefits of using the benzoyl peroxide minus the chemicals. This is a staple. I promise you. On Truly Clear Starter Kit

Becky F. 01/14/2022

Amazing product!

Amazing product! On Truly Gone Zone Patch

Henrietta M. 01/16/2022

Great so far!

It hasn’t been that long since I’ve used it so I don’t have any after pics that really show a difference. But of all the soaps I’ve used on my face for my acne this has worked best so far! Definitely buy this if you’re looking for a difference in your routine! On Truly Clear...Read more

Cynthia R. 11/22/2021


So easy – washes quick and washes super clean. The blemish patches are magic, I have never used a more successful skincare product. Truly Clear Starter Kit

Sydney 08/09/2021

Only thing that works

I’ve struggled with acne for over 10 years and this product is the only thing that has consistently worked. I’ve been using it for about a year and I haven’t had any issues. Doesn’t dry out my skin but it makes it feel squeaky clean and smells great. Would recommend to anyone!

Angel 09/04/2021

Very pleasantly surprised!

I know everyone says this about acne products but I really have tried a bunch of everything until this lil bar! And it really has made a drastic difference in my skin. I suffer pretty bad from cystic acne on my back and chest and face and this bar has absolutely flipped that around for...Read more

Sara C 10/02/2021

So far, so good(-:

So far, so good(-: I like the smell and feel of this face wash. It does not irritate my super sensitive skin which is a definite plus! I have only used it about two weeks, but will reorder(-:

Kristin M 11/01/2021

So far so good

I have only been using this for 2 weeks but so far so good. Love the smell and lather. Definitely makes my face feel clean and have had less acne. I will continue to use to see where it takes my skin.

Tara R. 10/25/2021

Best product

This is the product to help reduce my back acne. I love it!

Tiffany C. 05/11/2021

almost instantly

My face cleared up almost instantly after using this!



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