Vitamin Soap Skin Remedy
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Vitamin Soap Skin Remedy

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Vitamin Soap is a skin remedy that deep cleans pores to promote healthy skin. We load our patent pending formula with vitamins and antioxidant-rich ingredients. No paraben, no animal ingredients, cruelty-free, no perfumes & no steroids.

Vitamin soap uses a proprietary encapsulated delivery system that, after rinsing, leaves on ingredients which may reduce pore size, diminish wrinkles and tighten skin.

Ideal for dry, normal or oily skin types. 

We're way beyond simple exfoliation. Your skin will be soft and smooth. Start your day cleaning with Vitamin Soap is both a great start to your day and an easy way to take makeup off. Reduce monthly breakouts. Use it for shaving everywhere and you'll see less razor burn, fewer bumps and fewer ingrown hairs. Visible results in 2 days. 


Vitamin Soap Skin Remedy is specially formulated with:  

·  Willow Bark
·  Sericin
·  Açai Berry
·  Aloe Vera
·  Shea Butter
·  Vitamin A
·  Mangosteen
·  Vitamin C
·  Pomegranate
·  Vitamin D
·  Marine Collagen
·  Vitamin E



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