AçaiBee Recovery Serum
Truly Clear

AçaiBee Recovery Serum

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Unlike other serums, our formula will not leave your skin shiny or sticky. It is both oil and wax free and never blocks your pores. This noncomedogenic formula has no perfume or scent. 

Applied to either clear or acne prone skin, Truly Clear® has amazing hydration properties. It's well balanced for normal, dry or oily skin types and perfect for every day and night use. Our serum has remarkable therapeutic properties due to the use of high concentrations of antioxidant. 2.5oz/75ml

AçaiBee Recovery Serum is specially formulated with:

·  Royal Jelly
·  Marine Collagen
·  Açai Berry
·  Aloe Vera
·  Shea Butter
·  Vitamin A
·  Mangosteen
·  Vitamin C
·  Pomegranate
·  Vitamin D
·  Sericin
·  Vitamin E



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