November 26,2020

New Normal Equals New Acne

New Normal Equals New Acne

Amidst the fight against the Coronavirus, maskne or “mask acne” became a common problem too. Aside from the hassle of wearing a mask all day, what could be worse than having another popping pimple, or worse, acne in addition to the existing ones?

What causes Maskne?

To avoid transmitting the Covid-19 virus, we use the mask to prevent our saliva from linking with the air we breathe. However, this saliva from our breathing, talking, or sneezing sits right there. The accumulated sweat, oil, and moisture from breathing mix with heat and humidity can worsen existing acne problems and lead to new ones. Wearing a tight-fitting mask for a prolonged period of time irritates the skin and induces the skin to a higher risk of getting yet another round of acne. Bacteria adores a humid kind of environment then what’s the better place than the mask itself. Also, if you are someone who breaks out from stress, then this global pandemic is surely a big thing to stress on.

How to prevent Maskne?

With the advent of Corona spreading nonstop, maskne is the real deal now. But how to combat this new maskne? Here are the tips to help you break free from maskne.

• It pays to be hygienic
Change masks from time to time, not to give any chance for the build-up of bacteria to inflame the skin. The kind and type of masks being used also contribute to the condition of the skin. Tight-fitting masks and layered-masks for added protection give more pressure to the skin. It is inevitable for the skin to be irritated aside from the dirt, oil, and sweat building up inside the mask. A cotton mask can give the skin a chance to breathe. However, this kind of mask needs to be washed with a gentle detergent or fragrance-free soap before using it again.

• Tone down the make-up
In fact, wearing a mask gives a person a chance to rest her face from the excessive use of make-up that only clogs the pore and causes break-out. Ever feel uneased every time you take out the mask then the tinted foundation and lipstick are plastered already to it? Then imagine the oil, dirt, and sweat included on it partying. If possible, have a break from make-up as it is more beneficial than one could imagine.

• Be religious to the skincare routine
Now is the best time to pay attention to the regimen of the skin by using a gentle and alcohol-free cleanser. It is important to keep the face clean and moisturized. Many available products in the market promise difference but Truly Clear is the only one-step acne treatment approved by FDA to treat acne featuring alcohol-free ingredients, no harmful additives included, no dyes and perfumes, and best for sensitive skin.

There are many ways to avoid or at least lessen the acne brought by using face masks. Choose healthier options every time. You will thank yourself after a hard and long day to come home and use trusted products for your skin. Truly Clear is 98.42% natural. It can nourish the skin without the harmful effects of comedogenic products. It is a one-stop-shop for acne problems, either cystic acne on the face, chest, or back. It is also vegan, unisex by nature, and for every age. Where else can you get all these benefits from a product that promises nothing but natural? Maskne shouldn’t be a problem.

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January 11,2020

What are the Types of Acne?

The simple truth is that acne can happen to anyone. Acne is a type of skin condition that occurs on many people – women and men, especially those with oily skin. It can negatively affect the outlook of a person if it appears on the face and/or neck. In 2015, acne was estimated to have…

May 18,2022

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May 15,2022

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May 11,2022

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May 7,2022

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February 10,2020

Truly Clear is Natural, But is it Vegan?

Truly Clear contains a component called sericin. Also known as silk amino acids or silk proteins, they are obtained by the hydrolysis of silk – a natural protein fiber. The thread obtained from the silk cocoon woven by the silkworm in the production of silk fibers. Silk proteins are considered by most vegans as animal byproducts and therefore not vegan.


Does the coconut oil in Truly Clear Cause Acne?

When skincare enthusiasts hear the words coconut oil used in the same sentence as acne treatment the result is usually confusion.  Coconut oil is generally considered to be a comedogenic (causes acne) ingredient. Truly Clear’s base is made with sodium cocoate which is not the same as coconut oil, MCT or other coconut based oils.

January 15,2020

What Causes Acne? Could it be your diet?

No one factor causes acne. Acne happens when oil (sebaceous) glands are activated at puberty, stimulated by male hormones from the adrenal glands in both boys and girls. Oil is a natural substance which lubricates and protects the skin. Under certain circumstances, cells that are close to the surface block the openings of sebaceous glands and cause a buildup of oil underneath. This oil stimulates bacteria, which live in everyone’s skin and generally cause no problems, to multiply and cause surrounding tissues to become inflamed.

January 14,2020


Prep time: 10 minutes This recipe is shared courtesy of our friends at Tighten and detox your face with this luxe DIY CBD bentonite clay and Moroccan red clay face mask. Clay masks have been a staple in beauty products since before they were called beauty products.  Clay masks are rich in natural minerals…




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